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Submit a Wish

When submitting a wish, please consider having someone on our wishes committee ask the recipient what they would like for their wish if you are not sure. We have found our recipients are just as touched when asked what they would like, as being surprised. However, if you are confident of something specific that would brighten their day, please let us know.

Thank you.



  1. Wishes are considered for those who are disabled, in need of assistance, have been considered worthy of a wish, or in need of a hug

  2. Any child, adult, elder, or family may be considered for a wish

  3. Nominations are limited to one (1) wish per individual/home

  4. We fulfill wishes for people residing within a 20 mile radius of Shorewood. *At the American Cancer Society Relay for Life each June, we open our wishes up to those outside of that radius on that day only.

  5. We do not fulfill wishes for any kind of rent, bills, or payments

  6. Wish recipients are chosen with the hope that they will, in some small way, “pay it forward”, and brighten the day of someone they know that may need a hug


  1. The Wishes Committee reviews all qualified applications that have completed all required information

  2. Wishes are verified through the information you supply by documentation, email, or by phone

  3. Every application, whether being considered or not, will receive a reply


  1. Medical Wish Information: Documentation from a Qualified Healthcare Professional or the name, number, or email of someone we may contact to verify information

a) Nominee's Name and Age

b) Nominee's Diagnosis and Prognosis Only

2. Educational Wish Information:  Must be verified with the name, number, or email of a teacher, speech pathologist, or someone we may contact to verify information.

 3. Adult Educational Wish Information: You may be asked to produce documentation that you are currently enrolled in school.   

* Unfortunately, we are not always able to fulfill a wish for various reasons: location, cost, availability, time frame or other. Please refer to "Center of Care" under the Hugs and Wishes tab on the menu bar for assistance.

Wish Submission Form

Please tell us the exact wish you are requesting. or if you would prefer we ask the recipient to choose their wish.

Wish Recipient Information

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