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2016 Wishes

In 2016, our Hugs and Wishes Program fulfilled 127 Wishes, donating over $40,000 back to our community.
Please enjoy reading about several of our 2016 wishes below.

Wish #501 for Mom Battling Rare form of Breast Cancer preparing for her Dream Wedding

Wish #493 for Help with Groceries, Gas and a Night Out for Coupe Struggling with Medical Expenses

Wish #506 Helping a Sweet Family after a House Fire

Wish #520 Help for a Mom and her Son during the Holidays

Wish #458 for a Hard Working Single Mom who is also Caring for her Parents

Wish #494 for Paintball and Pizza Night for a young boy who has been battling illnesses most of his life

Wish #417 & 418 for a Niece who nominated her Aunt for a Mother's Day Wish while the Aunt nominated her Niece, who is struggling with medical issues

Hugs Helped Jr. Chef Kennedy have a very special 9th Birthday Celebration

Donated Supplies for Royal Family Kids Camp, a camp for Foster Kids